Dr. Jonathan Lewin New Jersey Spinal Surgeon

Spinal SurgeonFor patients facing the need of a spine surgery in New Jersey, choosing a qualified surgeon may come with some queries. This is something completely normal, as picking up the best surgeon for your specific affection is the most important stage in the recovery process. The first question one might ask is how to narrow down his search in order to find the right spine surgeon for his particular medical needs.

Doctor J. Lewin is a member of American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, and a spine surgeon specialized in degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, spondylolithesis, and other affections of the spine. His technique in surgery is highly appreciated. His license in medicine is valid for quite a few states. He is also the Spine Surgery Director at Forest Hills NSUH, in New York. He is one in a handful of doctors in NJ and NY to perform Lumbar Fusion Surgery. This is a very low invasive medical intervention which may correct:


-Degenerative Disc Disease


– Other spine disorders

This technique minimizes blood loss and size of incision and reduces the scarring and trauma met in traditional surgery method. Preserving healthy soft tissue and muscle, it also reduces the recovery time and pain associated with post- operative recovery. The patient is able to return to usual daily activity as soon as a couple of weeks, leaving the hospital a lot sooner and experiencing less pain. To find the best New Jersey Spinal Surgeon, visit http://www.njspinaldisorders.com

Endoscopic Fusion Surgery is a technique requiring the insertion of a small camera through a tiny incision, about 1 cm long. Combining traditional with modern techniques, Dr. Lewin individualizes the treatment for each and every patient, in order to come up with the less traumatic remedy solution. You can find everything you need to treat the problem.

His subspecialty in Spinal disorders also includes therapy of thoracic spine, cervical spine and lumbar spine. Spine surgery is usually a procedure which patient may choose to do it or not, but there are some cases when the intervention is essential. The patient is the one able to decide if the pain is too severe to handle, or on the contrary, if the pain is beyond his affordability limits. The doctor is educating the patient by giving to patient valuable information so that the latter can make his decision accordingly. It is important that your surgeon takes the whole time he needs in order to describe all the procedures, their benefits, potential risks and the likely recovery process so you could be able to comprehend all your options with their possible scenarios.

It is also very important for patients to know about the experience of the surgeons they are about to choose. The number of years in surgical field is also important, but you should first consider how much time of his practice is devoted to actual surgery procedures. If it’s about half of his practice time, it is a good standard.