Incorporating Pilates into your Life!

PilatesPilates is a great way to help your body and mind and make it healthy and fulfilling. Joseph Pilates was the developer of a series of a set of exercises called Pilates. Pilates helps to improve flexibility, improve strength and improve endurance in the human body. Pilates has gradually become a very important type of exercise and therapy today, because it is very beneficial for the body and mind. It is practiced professionally and is better referred to as Clinical Pilates.

These exercises include physical exercises and breathing exercises that work together to strengthen your body and mind. Some of the main benefits of physical therapy include building the strength of abdominal muscles and spine stability. More than building strength, Clinical Pilates helps in muscle control. The exercises are so designed that they help in the muscle groups that are functional.

The principles of Pilates:

  • Concentration – Pilates helps in improving concentration and also helps you to focus on the muscles that are being exercised during the workout.
  • Maintaining control and bringing balance – Pilates helps one to gain control over all body movements, thus bringing about balance and ease of movement.
  • The aim to precision – Pilates helps to ensure correct body techniques thus acting as a guide towards precision.
  • Breathing – Usually for people who are unhealthy, breathing is very shallow. Once you start practicing Pilates, your breathing will become more wholesome and deep, thus carrying more oxygen to your lungs and leaving you more energised.
  • Correcting posture – Pilates helps one to support the muscles around the spine, thus supporting the lower back portion along with the pelvis.

Reasons why you should opt for Clinical Pilates

The most common type of pain that is associated with body functioning and movement deals with the muscles that surround the spine. Sometimes, even though the pain associated with these muscles disappear, the functioning of these muscles may not be as correct as before. Clinical Pilates helps one to revert to healthy and perfectly normal functioning of muscles.

  • To improve strength improve and tone the body.
  • To reduce the risk of pain and future injury.
  • To find a way to deal with previous or current injury and the associated pain and difficulties.
  • For improvement in sports performance, reduces back pain and injury and improve pelvic stability during pregnancy.
  • To cure hip and pelvic pain, post surgery ailments, shoulder, back and neck pain.
  • To treat multiple health conditions.
  • For people who want to maintain a healthy life.

In case you are under the impression that Pilates is only for professionals and people like athletes who need it, this is not true. Pilates is also meant for beginners and if you live in and around Camberwell, you can even look for a beginner’s class in pilates itself. You need not necessarily require any specialised equipment either, as just a floor mat or an exercise mat will serve the purpose!