Mattress protector buying guide for you!

Mattress Protector King Size by LinenSpaAfter a long and tiring day of work, we all get back to our bed at night to rejuvenate ourselves for the next day with a good night’s sleep. So, it is imperative that the health of our bed, mattress is an integral part of our daily lives. And thus, taking good care of your mattress is actually more important than it seems. Though many people disagree, having a mattress protector is actually quite helpful in keeping your mattress in good health for a long time.

Mattress protector is basically a removable bedding item that can be placed for your bedding or can be used to encase your bedding in order to protect it from damages. Even mattress protectors protect you from allergens and irritants like bed bugs, dust mites etc. The surface of the mattress at your bedroom can be cleaned easily with the help of a vacuum cleaner or even simple dusting will do. However, thorough cleansing of your mattress is next to impossible. So, a mattress protector is a simple yet a very useful item that you should have in your bedroom to keep you and your mattress healthy. So, here we have listed some of the best mattress protector with their brief review to help you buy one for yourself.

Mattress Protector King Size by LinenSpa – This vinyl and polyurethane made mattress protector comes with 10 years of warranty. The softness of this mattress protector makes it feel like a bed sheet. This very mattress protector is known to be water proof and comes in six different size options to choose from. Moreover this mattress protector can be machine washed and tumble dried, which makes it very convenient to use. However, it gives its users a plastic type feeling and tossing and turning while sleeping on it creates noise.

Sleep Tite Hypoallergenic Mattress ProtectorSleep Tite Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector – The sleep tite hypoallergenic mattress protector is made of cotton terry. It comes with a warranty tag of 15 years and comes in four different size options to choose from. This vinyl free mattress protector can protect your mattress against up to 1 litre of liquid spillage accident on your bed. The top of this mattress protector is very soft and it is machine washable and dryable. Though it is a bit costly but the quality of this mattress protector makes up for the extra price you pay. However, this is not an encasement type mattress protector and covers only the surface of your actual mattress.

Queen Size SafeRest Premium Mattress Protector – This mattress protector is also made of cotton terry making it really soft. It comes with 10 years of warranty and five different size options to choose from. The cotton terry material used in manufacturing this mattress protector makes it breathable and noiseless when in use. Moreover, it is waterproof. However, it retains a lot of heat which makes its surface quite hot after a certain time of usage. And the queen size version of this mattress protector doesn’t fit the queen size bed quite well.

Apart from these there are other good quality mattress protectors available in the market. Giitcha Pure Collection Organic Cotton Jersey and King Size Luna Premium Mattress are two of those premium mattress protectors.